tender terrorist^

Chopped loose from the confines of this Weternized society my aim is to live life piously. Cocooned in robes and cloths wrapped as a gift in pins no frills we do as ALLAH wills.

They suspect i’m heavy with explosives, gun powder off my shoulders Yet all i weigh myself down with is good deeds and stacks of belief. i aim to blow the homeless  crowds up with explosives of food – what violent bliss/ I aim to commit suicide- by starvation- the paper that used to warm my stomach will now clothe another. Trust me  i won’t be a bother.

i strive to hijack a plane, hysterical passengers will exhale all deep rooted fiery breath, reach over their temples for oxygen filled masks releasing particles made of molecules Atom A – humility* Atom B – peace* what a blissful atomic bomb/

replace the pilot seat with a person renewed by an impartial hunger for knowledge, The Intuitive Aviator.  As he steers the plane filled with passengers to a safe landing, a Sea full Faith – Destination Paradise.


[side chat]

sadly, my queen sewing machine has to sit aside – it’s only job will be looking pretty and attractive for a while ’cause it doesn’t work. I’m investing in a brand new very dull looking technical machine, we’ll call it princess as the queen still reigns. If Allah wills i’ll be making clothes in 2 weeks or so.