Fairly new blog for all the scatter-brains out there.

Yes my blog doesn’t have a focal theme cause honestly is anyone’s brain conveniently and meticulously decorated in one theme? Well, except if you’re in some Hitler-Nazi-type-propaganda-remote-controlled-occult, the answer would be, No. People call us lost-souls or wanderers but we are fairly content with our organized chaos.

From the North-Pole of the delicacy called Writing …way down to the South-Pole of Sewing and Clothing. I move a little diagonal to the East-(Pole) of architecture and aside to the West-(Pole) of vintage cars. Round to the in betweens of my Faith -Islam- neatly tucked between the North Easts – South Easts – North Wests + South Wests which gingerly fill-up my whole compass. My life.

come, let’s be scatter-brained together 😛 …


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Asalam Walaikum Sister Zaheeda!

    Your blog sounds awesome, MaShaaAllah! Btw i noticed your not on twitter any more, I’m back on twitter, it’d be nice to speak to you again InShaaAllah!!

    Asma Sultan

    • I left Twitter sis, it was honestly a distraction and was filled with a lot of fitna. Are you well In Shaa Alllah? 🙂

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