I always seem to run into the type of cars which tickle my fancy.

Like this imperfect perfect Vovlo, a  car-park anomaly. Wheels and a roof the only factors nearing it to integration.

•Class is never crass•

photocredits :plainmuslimah

photocredits :plainmuslimah

photocredits :plainmuslimah

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photocredits :plainmuslimah

♥Allahu ‘Alim♥


minimal anomaly

•edge of simplicity•

Asceticism should not lack individuality just as individuality need not  be extravagant.  A dark handsome exterior with a light humble interior embraced by luscious greens, this is the edge of simplicity.


credits: Christensen & Co Architects


Absolutely flawed by this golden luminescent cube-let of a home. With just two parts to the house and the mini compartment on the roof, this is thee ultimate home for the quirky minimalist with character.

personal fav 

credits: http://www.fopple.com

 Antoine Cordier, Olivier Charles, and Armel Neouze