the charity-case

“As the soil begs for moisture – just enough to suffice the roots
As the roots plead for minerals – just enough to sprout the green
As the green offers oxygen
              The human coughs out what the plant welcomes in.”

~ zaahida

Humans breathe out Carbon Dioxide which plants absorb in to provide Oxygen to the air.

What little thanks we give to those who love to share.


ought to out

“Winter’s fur thaws off  
Famished trees burgeon on to
offer  seeds  selflessly” 
~ zaahida



Little Eden – caring for persons with intellectual disability


This lovely humane haven for children has been housing and caring for a younger cousin of mine for years. Now that I am older, I feel the need to give back – not only with money but with time and presence.

come join us for the Happy Feet Fun Walk for charity.