I am a Muslim and I will never back down


written on my mother’s birthday after reading an inspiring book about ‘Women in Islam’

Umi = my mother in Arabicmom

Allah = God in Arabic  


Umi how could they look you down, you are able to teach a school together with the whole of humanity. Your wisdom – flawless. Your beauty – timeless.

Umi by your feet I smell the aroma of thee Garden of Eternal Bliss, ever so sublime scents which make it worthy despite adversity.

A degree of weakness you may posses by flesh – with bleakness your word in society may go unheard.

But Umi in front of Allah , His creation -we are- all part of His undeniable beauty, His luscious war-less booty.

Equal is woman to man – equal are their souls to one another. Our standards have been raised from utter shame and sordid complacency . In Submission we live.

for the love of love and loving what is lovable