Terrorless West

“It should have been snow

A recent image directly from Syria

A recent image directly from Syria

eyes and backs turned West neglect

A martyr’s warm end”


May God free the Blessed land of Syria, and the rest of the oppressed lands. May God obliterate our love for this world and its adornments and fill our hearts with Faith and love for our Nation. Ameen


Day of Standing

“The trumpet’s echoscreen-shot-2012-10-10-at-7-11-50-pm2

damp shoulders, hips, knees meet i

only see my feet”

~ zaahidah

“That Day, everyone will follow [the call of] the Caller [with] no deviation, and [all] voices will be humbled before the Most Merciful, so you will not hear except the tramp of their feet (as they march).” [Qur’aan 20:108]