the Pride

Below the blazing Arabian skyline camouflaged  by a  smooth sea of dust , lies a thick oiled golden mane. loveySheltered by the shadow of his firm stature crawls out his bold yet sleek bride, full of pride. Every step she calculates, he already equates…in harmony they glide towards Paradise.
halfSafely tucked between every muscle is heavy artillery – a bullet for every enemy who dares to see.
When he falls, she roars to get him back up,  she Is his spiritual armour reminding him of His power.
On each mission they strive towards Paradise.
lion fight
On harsh days tempers flare, hot ego pumps through their veins.  A fuming argument, one of them has to submit. In  a moment of rage she subdues and he steams off. Only a bump along their everlasting journey towards the bliss of  Paradise.

halfhalfFrom the battle field they return,a day’s victory. Away from the brigade, they feast on their well-earned booty…

she glances

    he licks

she purrs

    he bites

she shrugs

    he strokes

their tails intertwine as they begin to dine

towards the Gardens’s of Paradise.



written on my mother’s birthday after reading an inspiring book about ‘Women in Islam’

Umi = my mother in Arabicmom

Allah = God in Arabic  


Umi how could they look you down, you are able to teach a school together with the whole of humanity. Your wisdom – flawless. Your beauty – timeless.

Umi by your feet I smell the aroma of thee Garden of Eternal Bliss, ever so sublime scents which make it worthy despite adversity.

A degree of weakness you may posses by flesh – with bleakness your word in society may go unheard.

But Umi in front of Allah , His creation -we are- all part of His undeniable beauty, His luscious war-less booty.

Equal is woman to man – equal are their souls to one another. Our standards have been raised from utter shame and sordid complacency . In Submission we live.

for the love of love and loving what is lovable

haiku of a love cycle

Haiku inspired by an image and a love cycle’s imagery. The wild times to the blissful moments then the crazy times again. (Final Haiku of the day – still learning)

“salt rises up top
raging ocean clings to earth
sweet air sets by night