humble abodes^

•Minimal Bliss•

for the simple Miss

The bravely contoured dwelling  mirrors the meaning of minimal – with personality.

Abodes that are surrounded by the warmness of nature just capture me, how can we not remember our Creator with all the natural miracles around us?




•Vertical subtlety•

personal fav

Tall dark and…simple.

I find this dwelling refreshing- the high contrast of the Deep hued exterior with the Lighthearted interior is an artistic wonderland.



•City Cubed•

This urban enigma will get the people questioning your sanity or economic status- so what?



humble abodes^

humble abodes^

  wooden edge • Sunnah Living^

minimalism with an edge – an exterior with character and a warm simple interior; with nature as it’s luxury this house is the essence of unadorned authentic living.

little miss petite •  Sunnah Living^

this  truly humble abode swings more to the extreme side yet its simple and practical character makes it stands out. A truly inspiring literal roof over the head.

 personal favorite

concrete simplicity • Sunnah Living^

even though it has a sense of comfort and space, this semi-rustic home “achieves the goal of  creating a distance from the dynamics of modern life”, a quote from

Sunnah living^

ascetic /uh-set-ik/ •adj. strictly self-disciplined and avoiding any pleasures or luxuries.

As said by the Rasul of Allah, we in this dunya – this temporal life, are like riders who seek shade under a tree and then continue on (along the journey). To spend our precious time and money trying to embellish our stay here is futile and distracts us from our only true purpose.

“Know that the life of this world is merely a game and a diversion and decoration and a cause of boasting among yourselves and trying to outdo one another in wealth” – Quran (57:19)

“O mankind! Allah’s promise is true. Do not let the life of this world delude you and do not let the Deluder delude you about Allah.” – Quran (35:5)

The fine character of the Rasul of Allah (saw) in a few words- “No man possessed the excellent characteristics and ethics that he possessed all at one time. Great riches would come to him and yet he lived in a state of poverty and asceticism.

The beloved Nabi (saw) would not have fire lit in his house for many days and he would stay hungry. He slept on a mat of hay and a pillow filled with coarse fibers. The only provisions in his house were a handful of barley and a water skin that hung on the wall.

When asked why he lives under such conditions and why he owns so little by His Companion Umar (pbuh) he replied, “O Umar, wouldn’t it please you that this wordly life be the share of the opulent kings, such as Khosrau and Caesar, in this life;  and in the Hereafter this pleasure would be for us alone?” –  Abdurrahman Al-Seha.

The Sunnah _ a way of life that is perfectly moulded by the Will of Allah for all generations and centuries to come. It is timeless.

The word “modernization” seems to slyly find its way on the tip of The Ummah’s tongue. It is a way of making life subjectively ‘easier’ to live – adapting. Oh, how this only leads to innovation and belittling of the trials and hardships our Messenger carved his way through for the sake of Allah • for the sake of Islam.

Simplification • Minimalism • Humility