“The breeze you yearn
Stress coagulates your veins
As my heart pumps – willingly”
~ zaahida
 Photo: The human heart stripped of fat and muscle, with just the angel veins remaining

There’s a certain inner-peace and contentment the person who believes in a Higher Power feels that some may never get to feel. A breeze within, knowing that your heart is with Him.

Their heart stresses constantly, living with uncertainty. 

Yet the believer’s heart pumps blood throughout the soul, doing as it should – knowing that it’s safe  with the  Creator of all hearts. 



“Glorious Fajr for you we wake

Kick our blankets off with  fury of little sleep salvaged

Jump up out of the cushioned bed , suddenly submerged into icy water

awakened by the reality of the grave”

• zaahidah