Terrorless West

“It should have been snow

A recent image directly from Syria

A recent image directly from Syria

eyes and backs turned West neglect

A martyr’s warm end”


May God free the Blessed land of Syria, and the rest of the oppressed lands. May God obliterate our love for this world and its adornments and fill our hearts with Faith and love for our Nation. Ameen


inhaling waters

“submerged horizons

tints and shades our only hues

our breath defies”

~ zaahida


– Patrick Latter Photography


photo credits - plainmuslimah

photo credits – plainmuslimah

Let the Holy Quran be the rope to our lives

“Spring helps intertwine
ayah fuses with the rooh
blooming iman noor”
 Ayah – Arabic word for verse/sign.
Rooh – Arabic word for soul
Iman -Arabic word for faith
Noor – Arabic word for light/illumination