photo by plainmuslimah

So I recenlty discovered that there is more to sewing than just a needle and thread.

Geometry, Creativity, Skill, Precision, Patience and Time.

Yes it IS rocket science.

[modest]wear creations coming soon

 • inshaAllah•



Imagename: Dull Princess

My routine is straight stitching, zigzag sewing, automatic embroidery, overcasting, blind stitching,button sewing, buttonhole sewing, binding, zipper sewing, hemming, twin needle sewing, quilting. With my lunch breaks I thread my needles, wind my bobbins and such. Evening settles in… i’m hidden in dust filled corners – morning sails in and my mechanisms continue to be abused. Though she is ancient and tainted , i must say, The Queen still reigns.


found this Grand piece of metal lying in the garage back at home

dust still hugging its curves

paint chipping off its circumference

 its Colossal rusty wheel waiting to be rotated

centuries old yet maintaining its vintage class


Faith – not just 5 roman letters squeezed together to create a common household word. Faith is life.  The way i present myself to the commentators has to exude the blissful air of Islam.

finding the type of clothing that exemplifies my undeniable individuality and yet ties in with my Faith and Way of Life` is a huge challenge. Instead of complaining about it i chose to put matters into my hands. Sew the clothes!

If you can’t find it – make it!

∞ insha’Allah ∞