I always seem to run into the type of cars which tickle my fancy.

Like this imperfect perfect Vovlo, a  car-park anomaly. Wheels and a roof the only factors nearing it to integration.

•Class is never crass•

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photocredits :plainmuslimah

photocredits :plainmuslimah

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photocredits :plainmuslimah

♥Allahu ‘Alim♥


the search for my (beetle) life

4 months short of being two decades young , responsibility and material independence are looming towards my adulthood shadow. Truth is, no matter how much of an intellectual a person may be, not translating the thoughts and nouns into actual verbs is futile.

to do list:

# find a job

#draw up a budget




and lastly…

#become a smart consumer.

The idea is: once I am consumer, number one on my list is a  (used) RIDE.

a classic Volkswagen Beetle would be an ideal first car for an unusual lady like me.

In South African Rands these go for about R10 000 – R30 000.

In Pounds £722 – £2 166

In Euros €887 –  €2 662

In US Dollars $1 155 – $3 464

Not too shabby huh?

combined beetles I found separately from the net

•InshaAlllah – God Willing•