I OW(n)E

“with every imaginative burst

the crowd i have coerced

underlies the lifeline.”

All goodness comes from Allah, all evil comes from my Ego and Shaytan.

I own nothing in this world – I owe.

I OW(n)E



“The du’a made at tahajjud is like an arrow which does not miss its target. ” —Imam Ash-Shafi‘i

Realized that some people don’t know the Du’aa when one wakes up to pray Tahajjud Salaah. So I put it together to help out people, In Shaa Alllah.


22:xx pm

“Thunder nags causing the earth to shiver.
Toes tingling, feet pulsating, circuits of exhilaration surge throughout the legs. You hasten out to the heavens praying- not by words but through joy:
worship in the form of hope
devotion depicted by high spirits.
Above, the electric sky leaks tucked giftlets of Compassion. Let it rain.”
~ zaheedah

23:57 pm

and it’s raining.

I step out the wooden sliding door – nostrils overwhelmed by the aroma of H2O particles inevitably absorbed by soil. Yet my brain races not to the nature of creation but the purpose of creation. See rain – think Mercy

Palms raised open, vulnerably exposed to the elements of submission

I wait…


“Glorious Fajr for you we wake

Kick our blankets off with  fury of little sleep salvaged

Jump up out of the cushioned bed , suddenly submerged into icy water

awakened by the reality of the grave”

• zaahidah